all about Julie.....

Hi! I'm Julie – a makeup expert with more than 20 years of experience, using brushes and colors to create beauty and confidence!

My journey started with childhood curiosity and playing with my moms makeup and led me through training at George Brown College. Year after year of exciting projects transformed me into the artist I am today, skilled in both studio and on-location work. From the bright lights of TV studios at Global TV, HGTV, Crossroads and Yestv, photoshoots, national campaign tv commercials, location sets and a bride’s big day - I help women look and feel their best.

I'm also a passionate teacher, offering personalized 1-on-1 makeup lessons in a relaxed setting to help real women gain confidence while learning the art of makeup.

This year I was thrilled to have the honour of being chosen to be one of the 35 judges for the 2023 Beauty Awards featured in Chatelaine & Fashion magazine. I have devoured this issue every year for the BEST of makeup!

But what truly sets me apart is my genuine love for my clients. With boundless enthusiasm, I connect with each person, enhancing their unique beauty. Every day, my passion for makeup grows with excitement for the future as I continue to craft beauty and cultivate meaningful connections, one new friend at a time.